Drying Trend Sunday for the United Kingdom

As an area of low pressure moves away from the United Kingdom, drier conditions will be seen on Sunday and during the beginning of the coming week.

On Sunday, lingering moisture and a flow from the North Sea will lead to brief and isolated showers across Scotland and England. The best chance for a shower will remain across the East while largely dry weather will occur across the southwest of England along with Wales and Ireland.

In Edinburgh, the highest chance for a brief shower on Sunday will occur during the morning. Meanwhile, further to the south, a few showers could dampen areas from Leeds and Hull to London through much of the day. A moderate to fresh, cool wind will be felt along eastern coasts.

Despite the chance for rain, the day will not be a wash-out and many outdoor activities will still be able to be completed.

After Sunday, the threat for rain further diminishes across Great Britain and the beginning of the coming week will be generally dry with bright or sunny spells as high pressure move eastward across the region.

Dry weather will hold across the British Isles through Tuesday in advance of a cold front. This front will bring showers, some thundery and heavy, across Scotland and northern Ireland on Wednesday. However, to the south of this front, temperatures will warm across Wales and England.

London, Manchester and Bristol are all expected to see a warm, albeit breezy, day on Wednesday while the region remains to the south of the cold front.