More Rain to Renew Plains, Midwest Flooding Concerns Into Next Week

Rounds of drenching rain and thunderstorms will repeat across parts of the Plains and Midwest into next week, renewing flooding concerns.

Streams are running high due to excessive rainfall in recent weeks. Some locations have received a foot of rain since early May.

A gap in the rainy pattern earlier this week may not be enough to hold off new rises on streams and new rounds of flash flooding in the coming days.

Some locations have the potential to receive 6 inches of rain or more over the five-day period ending on Monday, June 15.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski, "On Friday, one batch of heavy rain will move through the northern Great Lakes with severe thunderstorms threatening places to the south."

Quick forward progress of the Great Lakes system, which is part of the remnants of Blanca, should keep flooding problems to a minimum.

According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, there is a risk of urban flooding and travel delays as the system swings through the major metro areas around the Great Lakes, such as Minneapolis, Chicago and Detroit.

"It is the cumulative effect of the Blanca rain, combined with upcoming events, that raises the concern of major flooding problems for parts of the Central states moving forward this month," Abrams said.

Following a brief push of cooler air over the central Plains into Friday, warm and humid air will surge northward.

"The warm and humid surge will set the stage for a very active time period with more rounds of thunderstorms," Pydynowski said.

A new area of showers and thunderstorms will grow from central and eastern Colorado to central Kansas, western Oklahoma and part of the northern Texas Panhandle on Friday.

During the weekend, drenching rain and thunderstorms will expand northeastward across the Plains to the Upper Midwest.

"From Saturday into Monday, there will be the potential for widespread or more regional flooding rainfall stretching from northwestern Texas to a large part of Wisconsin and parts of Michigan," Pydynowski said.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tyler Dewvall, "There is an elevated risk of major flooding from central Missouri to central Nebraska, essentially along the Missouri and North Platte rivers."

Farther south, near the Gulf Coast, a flow of moist tropical air will lead to an uptick in showers and thunderstorms through at least early next week. The new rainfall may overlap in some locations that were hit with 1-2 feet of rain during May.

The return of moisture could aggravate flooding for part of the South Central states. will continue to provide updates on the storm and flooding potential for the Central states as the week progresses.