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Warmth and Storms From UK to Spain on Thursday

An area of low pressure spinning to the west of France will unleash rain and thunderstorms from Spain into western France on Thursday.

Some of these storms will contain heavy rainfall capable of causing flash flooding. The strongest storms may contain hail, with the greatest threat for these storms across northern Spain.

Cities that will be impacted by rain and thunderstorms include Madrid and Zaragoza in Spain and Toulouse and Nantes in France.

Farther north and east, warm and humid air will overspread northern France, England, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Aside from a late-day shower in northeast France and southern England, dry weather with partly to mostly sunny skies will prevail over these areas with high pressure in control.

The high temperature is expected to reach 23 C (74 F) in London on Thursday, followed by even warmer conditions on Friday as the high will be around 27 C (80 F). Thunderstorms will arrive across the London area on Friday with downpours and gusty winds. Cooler air will arrive on Saturday with a high near 21 C (70 F).

In Paris, highs will range from 28-29 C (82-84 F) on Thursday and Friday with high humidity making it feel even warmer. While a thunderstorms cannot be ruled out Thursday afternoon, more widespread thunderstorms will move through the region on Friday afternoon, followed by a slightly cooler and dry day on Saturday.

Berlin will begin to feel the warmth on Thursday with a high near 24 C (75 F). However, the warmest days will be Friday and Saturday with highs climbing well into the upper 20s C (80s F). Showers and thunderstorms will move into Berlin as early as Saturday with a continued threat on Sunday.