Storms to Fire From New York to Nebraska Wednesday Afternoon

Severe thunderstorms will threaten a swath of the United Stated on Wednesday afternoon, stretching from western New York through Nebraska.

These thunderstorms are forecast to develop along a frontal boundary separating hot, steamy air to the south and cooler, less humid air to the north.

The clash of these two air masses will be the driving force behind Wednesday's storms.

One of the two focal points of Wednesday's storms will be an area stretching from around Lake Ontario to northern Illinois.

This includes cities such as Syracuse and Buffalo, New York; Erie, Pennsylvania; London, Ontario; Cleveland and Detroit.

While a shower or thunderstorm may move through Chicago, the stronger storms are expected to stay south and east of the Windy City.

Evening commutes may be disrupted across this area as the strongest storms fire during the late afternoon and into early evening hours, threatening to bring damaging wind gusts and large hail.

Some urban areas may also face localized flooding as the storms develop into a line and move to the south and east, delivering torrential downpours to areas in their path.

People should keep an eye to the sky for changing weather contains and take cover when a storm approaches.

The second zone of severe thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon will focus on the northern Plains.

These storms will have the potential to be stronger than those in the East, with hail larger than golf balls and winds possibly gusting past 70 mph.

While the tornado threat on Wednesday is expected to be low, if any were to develop, they would likely do so over the Plains rather than the East.

There may be a small gap in the severe storms in the East and those over the Plains which includes eastern Nebraska and much of Iowa.

However, people in this portion of the country should not let their guard down as some storms may move into this area during Wednesday night.

Looking ahead to the balance of the week, drier conditions are expected to return to the Northeast; although a small number of showers and thunderstorms may still impact the region on Thursday and Friday.

A different story will unfold for the Plains and Midwest however.

A wave of low pressure is forecast to develop along the aforementioned frontal boundary and slowly make its way into the Midwest.

This will deliver more rain and storms to the region that could result in widespread flooding.

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