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Northeast: Storms to Refire on Tuesday

After an intense end to weekend in the Midwest and an active start of the week for Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and areas of the Northeast, the threat for strong thunderstorm will continue on into Tuesday for the Northeast as well.

A slow moving cold front has been the forcing agent behind the triple day severe weather threat and this boundary will continue to push across the Northeast today, allowing for some thunderstorm to fire up as the afternoon progresses.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Rinde explained that,"The severe weather that covered a large area on Monday across the eastern U.S. stretching from Illinois and Tennessee eastward to North Carolina and north into New York, formed along an upper-level system, which will be moving into the Northeast today."

Although strong thunderstorms are expected to impact areas of the Northeast today, many locations will remain dry throughout the morning and early afternoon.

The atmosphere in the Northeast today will be prime for the development of thunderstorms due to the fact thunderstorms get their energy from warm, humid environments.

Temperatures in the Northeast on Tuesday will be creeping into the middle and upper 70's by the afternoon and dew points will be steadily climbing as well, creating the right conditions for thunderstorms to form.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Evan Duffey mentioned that,"The mid-day sun will work to prime the atmosphere, and allow for a few strong thunderstorms to fire."

Extreme northeast Pennsylvania, eastern New York, most of Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and southern Vermont and New Hampshire have the highest chance of seeing these stronger storms due to conditions being just right.

The main threat from these thunderstorms will be in form of damaging wind gusts, although the treat for small hail and heavy downpours can't be ruled out under the most organized storms.

Rinde warned that,"Storms today can produce heavy rain fall, hail, and some wind gusts strong enough to cause damage to some trees."

The strongest thunderstorms are expected to fire between the early afternoon and begin to fizzle by the early evening hours.

The passage of the front by the late evening on Tuesday, will usher more stable conditions for Wednesday, however thunderstorms will creep back into the forecast by Thursday as temperatures are expected to increase through the end of the week.