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East to Feel Like July Much of This Week

Cool Canadian air will be switched off, and summer will be switched on this week across much of the Eastern United States.

Fans and air conditioners are about to get a good workout in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states this week.

Following early-week storms, the flow of air from Tuesday on will generally be from the west and will allow some of the heat that has built up in the Northwest to be carried eastward.

From Georgia to Virginia, the weather pattern much of this week will translate to multiple days with highs in the 90s.

The bulk of the heat will hit during the middle and latter part of the week. After a slight dip in humidity levels across the north into midweek, the humidity will climb in many areas later in the week and into the weekend.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Todd Miner, "Raleigh has only hit 90 F once so far this year, but from Wednesday on, the Triad will have highs of 90 F or higher on a regular basis."

Temperatures are forecast to reach 90 F in Philadelphia by late week. In New York City, highs will be well into the 80s F this week. Even in Boston, where the average high is in the middle 70s F for mid-June, temperatures will average 5-8 degrees Fahrenheit above normal this week with temperatures reaching 80 F on a couple of days.

AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures will climb several degrees higher than the actual temperature. In parts of the South, RealFeel Temperatures will approach 100 F and will be well into the 90s F in part of the I-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic.

Highs will be well into the 70s in northern New England and upstate New York with some 80-degree-Fahrenheit weather for a few locations.

The summerlike pattern will hit just as many in the Northeast were wondering where the warm and humid weather has been.

For those who have finished with school for the season or are starting vacation, great beach weather is in the offing. However, ocean water temperatures during June are typically less than ideal and could pose some risk due to their chilly levels.

Ocean water temperature range from the lower 70s F at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, to the middle 60s F along the New Jersey coast to the upper 50s F along the Massachusetts coast.

Waves of cool air affected the Northeast most days during early June, even though temperatures this past weekend were not as extreme on the cool end.

Temperatures during the first seven days of June have averaged 10 degrees below normal in Boston, but the departure faded to about 2 degrees below average in Washington, D.C. Temperatures in much of the South during the first week of June averaged near to slightly above normal.

Meanwhile, in the Deep South, temperatures will be close to average for June. Highs in central Florida will be in the lower 90s F, following very warm conditions during April and May.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids and take breaks when doing manual labor in the hot, humid weather.