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After Blanca Fades, Mexico Faces New Tropical Threat

As once-Major Hurricane Blanca is nearing its end, attention is turning to a new tropical threat for Mexico this week.

Blanca will weaken to a tropical rainstorm on Tuesday after threatening the Baja California peninsula with flooding rain. Flooding rain soaking the peninsula on Monday will be replaced by a couple of drenching thunderstorms across Baja California Norte and northwestern Sonora for Tuesday.

While Blanca fizzles, the southern Mexican coast from near Acapulco to the communities around the Gulf of Tehuantepec is being put on alert for a new tropical threat later this week.

The threat will come as a broad area of low pressure south of Mexico is expected to brew into the next tropical depression or storm as the week progresses. The low should take a general northwest track after it takes shape.

"Climatology would favor the low tracking into the Gulf of Tehuantepec," stated AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller.

In this scenario, Miller warns of rapid intensification due to the curvature of the coast giving the system an extra spin.

"It could quickly go from a tropical depression to a Category 2 hurricane in 36 hours," Miller added.

Regardless of development, the low will cause downpours to increase along the southern Mexican coast and neighboring Guatemala later in the week. The danger of life-threatening flooding rain, damaging winds and rough surf will heighten as the low intensifies.

Residents and visitors to the southern Mexican coast are urged to continue to monitor the progress of the latest tropical threat to Mexico and be ready to take the necessary precautions.