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Warmup to Accompany Spotty Rain in Northeast This Weekend

In addition to warmer conditions, only spotty rain and thunderstorms will affect the Northeast through most of the weekend.

The system responsible for lingering rain and drizzle at midweek over Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula will pick up speed and be shunted out to sea before the weekend.

Weather systems will begin to move in a more routine west to east fashion.

According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "There is no reason for rain to linger in the Northeast through the weekend."

"A front will weaken and move across the central Appalachians and New England Friday night into early Saturday with spotty showers and thunderstorms," Abrams said. "Rather than much cooler conditions sweeping into the region, most areas will experience typical temperatures for early June."

With the aid of some sunshine, highs will range from the upper 60s F in the northern tier and coolest beaches to the lower 80s F in parts of the mid-Atlantic.

A storm system and trailing front are projected to bring showers and locally severe weather to parts of the Midwest late this weekend.

As this system moves into the Northeast, it will bring a significant chance of locally drenching rain and the possibility of severe weather in part of the region by early next week.

Until then, rainfall is likely to be sporadic and short-lived.

Despite the drenching rain at the end of May and the start of June, some locations of the mid-Atlantic and New England have progressed from abnormally dry to long-term moderate drought conditions. So, any rainfall will be beneficial.