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POLL: Which Top Beach Would You Rather Visit?

With the start of meteorological summer and astronomical summer right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about summer activities and vacations.

If one of these activities is taking a trip to the beach, how do you know which beach to choose? You want to make sure this beach has the ideal weather.

To help you decide which beach to visit, here are two top beaches, one eastern and one western from Dr. Stephan P. Leatherman's, also known as "Dr. Beach," list of America's Best Beaches for 2015.

Eastern: Barefoot Beach - Bonita Springs, Florida

Located in southwestern Florida, about 25 miles south of Fort Meyers, this beach is located in a 342-acre park. Normal high temperatures for Barefoot Beach area are in the upper 80s F with low temperatures settling into the upper 70s F during the summer months.

Leatherman said in his description that the surf is gentle with very shallow water. He added that this beach is great for bathing and swimming for families.

"Water temperatures average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.

Home to many animal species, visitors are able to see five distant habitats along the 8,200 feet of beach. Sand dunes provide a nesting site for sea turtles during the summer while also providing a home to the protected gopher tortoise.

Visitors can enjoy the 1-mile-long nature trail, a picnic area, concessions and rental equipment.

Those looking to learn more about the preserve can attend a number of programs offered by the park rangers. Some of these programs include learning about the various habitats in the preserve or a recreation guide to look at the natural history of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

Tourists wanting ideal beach weather should visit Barefoot Beach on days in which the wind is coming from the West. This wind helps keep the thunderstorms inland and away from the coast. Easterly winds invite the development of showers and thunderstorms, according to Kottlowski.

If looking for the best time to go to Barefoot Beach, morning might be your best bet.

"Thunderstorms [in this area] develop during afternoon and evening hours," Kottlowski said.

Kottlowski added that these showers and thunderstorms occur about half the time and do not last all day.

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Western: East Beach - Santa Barbara, California

Located in southwestern California, about 94 miles northwest of Los Angeles, this beach is part of a four-mile stretch of city beach parks.

Normal high temperatures at East Beach are in the low to mid-70s F and night temperatures cooling into the upper 50s F during the summer months.

"[East Beach in] Santa Barbara is a great place to go in the summer to get away from the heat many places have inland," said AccuWeather Western Weather Expert Ken Clark.

East Beach offers a variety of activities for tourists including picnic facilities, volleyball courts, a play area for children, bike/rollerblading paths and a full-service restaurant.

This beach is well known for its volleyball courts that host numerous volleyball tournaments every year. Sometimes visitors can see world leading volleyball players practicing.

Beachgoers can join a coed adult volleyball leagues during the summer and fall. Children can attend beach volleyball clinics throughout the summer months.

"East Beach tends to be a pretty sunny place, but there are often some low clouds that start the day then clear to sunshine," Clark said.

Those wanting to take a swim in the Pacific Ocean can expect cool water, typically with temperatures in the middle 60s F.

"Waves tend to be small as it is a south-facing beach but also protected some by the Channel Islands to the south," Clark said.

Due to its close proximity to some of the largest hotels in Santa Barbara, East Beach is often the go-to beach in the area.