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Heat and Storms on Tap From England to France and Germany

A brief blast of unseasonable heat and humidity will overspread parts of England, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

This heat will also set the stage for heavy thunderstorms as cooler air to the northwest clashes with the building heat.

High pressure will build over central Europe on Thursday resulting in a strong southerly flow over western Europe that will pull heat from Northern Africa and Spain into France, England, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

This heat will continue to build as southerly flow remains in control on Friday, resulting in the hottest days of the year thus far for some locations, including Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfort.

At the same time, a storm system will approach Ireland and the United Kingdom causing showers and thunderstorms as cooler air collides with the much warmer air already over the region.

The strongest thunderstorms are expected from northwest Spain into northwest France, western Belgium and eastern England.

These storms will be capable of producing flooding rain and hail. Isolated damaging wind gusts over 65 km/h (40 mph) are also possible.

These storms can occur anytime in London and will likely reach Paris late in the day with possible impacts on the French Open.

By Saturday, cooler air will be felt across northern France, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Farther east, heavy thunderstorms will again erupt along the front boundary impacting areas from Switzerland and western Austria through Germany. Cooler air will reach these areas on Sunday.