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When Will the Northeast Warm Up Again?

Following a southward push of cool, dry air at midweek, clouds, showers and higher humidity will return to the Northeast.

According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "How warm or cool people feel for the rest of the week is complex due to areas of clouds and sunshine versus rain and humidity."

The routine movement of weather systems is slowing to a crawl as an atmospheric traffic jam sets up over the Eastern states.

While the bulk of rain will focus on the Southeast states with an ongoing risk of flash flooding, clouds and rain will march north into the Northeast again as the week progresses.

First, dry air will advance southward across New England, New York state and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey into Wednesday.

The most sunshine will occur across the northern tier during the middle part of the week. Where the sun will be out for several hours, it will warm up.

Farther south, in much of Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula, clouds and times of rain will assist with the cool feel through the middle days of the week. The cool conditions follow a May that brought well above-average temperatures to the region.

Moisture will creep back northward later in the week.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek, "The moisture will be accompanied by higher humidity levels and an uptick in spotty showers and thunderstorms for locations that had clearing or a break in rainfall at midweek."

Despite the forecast resurgence of moisture, a day-to-day washout is not likely.

High temperatures in much of the northern tier of the Northeast will be in the 70s by Friday.

Temperatures will rise along with humidity in the southern part of the mid-Atlantic later in the week. In these areas, the weather will transform from cloudy and misty conditions to that of spotty downpours, breaks of sunshine and AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures at summery levels mainly in the 80s.

To add to the complexity of the pattern in the Northeast, in areas where a breeze develops off the Atlantic Ocean, conditions will be cool and clammy. RealFeel Temperatures may be no higher than the 60s.

Another southward push of dry air and clearing is forecast for part of the Northeast and the upper mid-Atlantic this weekend. However, that push of dry air may once again run out of steam as it reaches Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula.