Severe Storms to Fire Over Northern Plains Tuesday

Tuesday is slated to be an active day in the northern Plains as severe thunderstorms impact the region.

This section of the country will face damaging thunderstorms that develop throughout the day and continue into the overnight hours.

"It could be a big day for severe weather both Tuesday into Wednesday," said AccuWeather Severe Weather Expert Henry Margusity.

Damaging wind gusts and large hail are likely to be the most widespread dangers, although a few tornadoes may spin up with the strongest storms.

"It's a little early in the season for tornadoes in [the northern Plains], but the pattern is highly amplified and is why that area will get hit," said Margusity.

Typically, severe weather in the northern Plains does not ramp up until the middle of summer.

This will give people across the northern Plains a reminder of the kind of weather to prepare for as we head into the summer months and severe weather occurs on a more regular basis.

Here are five safety steps to take to prepare for severe weather.

Those in Nebraska, northern Kansas and eastern Colorado should remain on alert for more severe thunderstorms on Wednesday.

Wednesday's storms have the potential to be as strong, or even stronger than those that develop during the day on Tuesday.

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