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Tranquil Weather Follows Windstorm for UK and Ireland

High pressure will briefly build over northwest Europe during the middle of the week, bringing a period of tranquil weather for Ireland, the United Kingdom and areas from France into Poland.

The weather will be a pleasant change for those across the United Kingdom and Ireland following powerful winds that blasted the region on Monday and lingering gusty winds on Tuesday.

Wind gusts over 80 km/h (50 mph) were reported in many locations and led to travel disruptions.

While winds will subside on Tuesday, much quieter weather is expected on Wednesday and Thursday; gusty winds and rainfall will spread across Scandinavia.

Conditions will be near normal on Wednesday but then turn warmer on Thursday. Thursday's high is expected to reach 21 C (70 F) in London, 26 C (78 F) in Paris and 22 C (72 F) in Berlin.

This warmth will continue to build on Friday ahead of a storm that will track to the west of Ireland. A cold front will begin to knock temperatures back closer to normal on Saturday from London to Paris with some cooling reaching Berlin by Sunday.

This storm will also bring showers and thunderstorms to Ireland and the United Kingdom on Friday and Friday night as the front passes from west to east. These storms can contain damaging winds and flooding downpours.

Farther south and east, the front will bring primarily cooler air with only a minimal chance for showers and thunderstorms from Paris to Berlin.