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One More Round of Storms for Texas, Oklahoma Into the Weekend

Flood-ravaged Texas and Oklahoma are in line for one more round of drenching showers and thunderstorms from Friday through Saturday night.

Cities that may experience flooding include Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kansas.

While rainfall amounts may be under an inch in some places, other areas could pick up a couple of inches of rain in a short period of time.

These heavy rainfall rates combined with the already saturated ground will help reignite flash flooding concerns. Downpours will create poor visibility, which will also be a problem for travelers.

Rivers and creeks that are already swollen from recent rain could be forced out of their banks once again. In areas that see downpours, roads and highways will become overrun with rushing floodwaters, especially in lower elevations.

Remember, if you encounter a flooded roadway, do not attempt to cross it.

"It only takes 18 inches of water to float a car and many times the road underneath the car may be washed out," warned AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliott.

While a widespread severe weather outbreak is not expected, some storms will also turn severe with damaging winds and hail.

These thunderstorms will put a wrap on what has been an extremely wet month across Texas and Oklahoma, with many places seeing two to five times the normal rainfall for May.

Oklahoma City has already obliterated the record for the most rainfall in a calendar month, and additional rainfall late this week will only add to the record.

Even though more rain and flooding appear to be on tap heading into the weekend, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

As the jet stream lifts northward as June begins next week, the storm track will be farther north. That will give the saturated southern Plains states a break from the constant rounds of heavy rainfall.