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Midwest to Face Severe Storm Risk Into Tuesday Night

Parts of the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley states will take a turn of severe thunderstorms with localized flooding downpours into Tuesday night.

According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist, "The same system that lingering in Texas and the southern Plains during the Memorial Day weekend is being ejected northeastward."

The combination of moist air, daytime heating and the system rotating in from the Plains will help to trigger areas of heavy, gusty thunderstorms and isolated severe weather.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex Avalos, "The Lower Peninsula of Michigan southward to Kentucky will be the focal point for severe storms with large hail and damaging winds."

Cities in the middle of the treat area include Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville, Kentucky.

"Chicago and Milwaukee are also at risk," Avalos said.

Commuters and long-distance travelers should expect the bulk of the delays during the late-day and evening hours along Interstate 64, I-65, I-70, I-75, I-80/90 and I-94. Airline passengers should anticipate disruptions in Chicago and Detroit.

The risk of storms will tend to be during the daylight hours around Chicago and Milwaukee with the threat continuing into Tuesday night farther to the east and south.

While the risk of flooding will be substantially lower than that of Texas and the southern Plains, enough rain can fall in a short period of time to cause urban and poor drainage area flooding.

On the leading edge of the influx of moisture and maximum heating, a few locally strong and drenching storms will develop over the Appalachians from Georgia to New York state into Tuesday night.

The risk of strong to locally severe storms will shift farther east on Wednesday and will likely be centered around the eastern Great Lakes to the central Appalachians.