Tropics Heating Up in the Eastern Pacific

The first tropical system of the year in the Eastern Pacific Ocean may develop over the next week as AccuWeather is monitoring several areas across the basin.

The initial threats for development are located between 1,300 and 2,000 miles southwest of the southern tip of Baja California.

Two clusters of showers and thunderstorms associated with areas of low pressure will drift to the west and northwest over the next several days and have the possibility to become a named tropical system; however, threats to land are not expected as potential storms are thousands of miles from Mexico to the east and Hawaii to the west.

A bigger concern will brew next week as a large area of unsettled weather sits west of Central America and south of Mexico.

As the week progresses, these showers and thunderstorms will become more organized into an broad area of low pressure which could then eventually become a named tropical system during the middle or later part of next week.

While initially there would be no impacts to land from this potential tropical system, a drift to the north or northeast would bring potentially heavy rainfall and damaging winds to southwestern Mexico.

Anyone with interests in Mexico or northern parts of Central America should closely monitor the potential for a tropical system to impact the region late next week.