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Sunday Storms to Rattle Chicago, Minneapolis

The threat of severe weather is expected to continue right through the second half of the weekend with thunderstorms shifting into the Midwest.

While these storms are not expected to be as vigorous as those on Saturday, Sunday's storms can still be strong enough to put lives and property in danger.

Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and St. Louis are some of the bigger cities that could be impacted by severe storms during the afternoon and evening hours on Sunday.

The primary threat of Sunday's storms will be damaging wind gusts past 60 mph that can bring down tree limbs, blow around lawn furniture and cause sporadic power outages.

Large hail and flooding downpours will also be possible, as well as a few isolated tornadoes.

People across the region should keep in mind that even if an approaching thunderstorm is not strong enough to produce severe weather, it will still bring the danger of lightning.

"Lightning can strike great distances away from the actual storm itself," said Meteorologist Becky Elliott.

"If you are close enough to hear thunder, you are certainly close enough to be struck."

Some activities across the region, such as sporting events or outdoor exercise routines, may be impacted as the thunderstorms develop across the region.

Those with plans on Sunday should be mindful of the weather and keep an eye to the sky.

"If you plan to be out and about, think about locations that could provide shelter," Elliott said.

A cold front swinging into the region behind these storms will usher cooler, more settled weather across this portion of the country by the start of the new week.

The front will also bring a noticeable drop in humidity.

This will be the theme for much of the new week as settled conditions paired with below-normal temperatures are experienced through at least Wednesday.