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Plains to Face Another Weekend of Severe Weather

While heavy rain creates dangers through midweek, the Plains will once again become the target of severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes this weekend.

The storm system bringing the welcome sight of rain to California Thursday and Friday will be the culprit behind the next round of severe weather across the Plains.

Severe thunderstorms will threaten the Plains both Friday and Saturday with the danger highest the latter day.

Isolated severe thunderstorms will first erupt from Nebraska and far eastern Colorado to West Texas later Friday.

The danger will then focus on the corridor from Nebraska to western and central Oklahoma and north-central Texas on Saturday, targeting some of the same communities at risk on Friday.

Saturday's threat zone includes North Platte and Grand Island, Nebraska; Dodge City and Wichita, Kansas; Oklahoma City and Lawton, Oklahoma; and Childress and Dallas, Texas. Most of Saturday's severe weather will erupt during the afternoon and evening.

"I think the potential for all facets of severe weather [damaging winds, large hail, downpours and tornadoes] will exist on Saturday," stated AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Meteorologist Alex Avalos.

"The tornado threat will not be as substantial as last Saturday, but there is still the potential for a few to touch down," Avalos added.

As was evident last Saturday, it only takes one tornado to strike a community and claim a life.

Blinding downpours will also accompany the thunderstorms on Saturday, further creating hazards for motorists by dramatically reducing visibility and heightening the risk of vehicles hydroplaning when traveling at highway speeds.

While the coverage area will be less than on Saturday, the dangers of damaging winds, hail, downpours and tornadoes will exist on Friday.

The storm system will shift to the northeast on Sunday, putting the Upper Midwest at risk for severe weather as most areas threatened Friday and Saturday dry out. At the same time, rain will soak the northern Plains.

Communities from southeastern Minnesota and Wisconsin to Illinois and northeastern Missouri should be on alert for violent thunderstorms to end the weekend.

Cities within this corridor include Minneapolis; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and St. Louis. A heavy and gusty thunderstorm may even reach Chicago in the evening.

Residents across the nation's midsection should continue to check back with for the latest on the upcoming severe weather threat. When severe weather is imminent, stay ahead of the storms with MinuteCast®.