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PHOTOS: Tornado Rips Roof Off Lake City, Iowa, High School During Ceremony

More than 100 award-ceremony attendees at a high school in Lake City, Iowa, were caught in the midst of a severe storm outbreak on Sunday evening as a possible tornado tore the roof apart right over their heads.

Fortunately, the 150 people inside South Central Calhoun High School were moved to the basement and locker room area two minutes before the potential tornado struck, South Central Calhoun girls' basketball coach Dave Birks told the Des Moines Register.

The video appears to show a multiple-vortex tornado tearing through the surrounding area, destroying part of a barn as it marched toward Lake City, about 100 miles northwest of Des Moines.

The school was closed Monday.

The storms that slammed Iowa were part of a multiple-day storm outbreak across the Plains. On Saturday, one person was killed after a tornado hit Cisco, Texas.

Three fatalities were reported on Sunday as storms swept from Texas to South Dakota. One person died due to flooding in Corsicana, Texas. The area received 9 inches of rain in a span of six hours.

Interstate 45, a highway that connects Dallas to Houston, was closed for several hours as the torrential rain inundated the road. Secondary roadways in the area remained closed into Monday morning. Numerous water rescues were performed across Texas throughout the weekend.

Two were killed in Nashville, Arkansas, after a possible tornado swept through a trailer park Sunday night.

Thousands were without power Sunday into Monday morning in Texas and Arkansas as winds up to 60 mph continued to lash the region.

Tornadoes also reportedly touched down in Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas on Sunday.