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Texas to Face Flood Threat This Week

Umbrellas will be needed on a daily basis across the southern Plains this week as rounds of rain soak the region.

A persistent flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will fuel rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms across the region during the course of the week, making for a string of wet and unsettled days.

"For the next week, there is going to be a lot of rain in Texas," said Southern Weather Expert Frank Strait.

Some cities may end up receiving a month's worth of rain in just a few days time from the rounds of rain.

Flooding concerns will mount as the week progresses as the ground becomes saturated and rivers and streams begin to rise.

"If you live in a low-lying spot, have your preparations in place for the potential for a serious flooding situation," said Strait.

Some of the rain, although not quite as heavy, is also forecast to reach into the central Mississippi Valley, spreading the threat of flooding as far north as St. Louis.

People across the region should anticipate travel delays and disruptions to outdoor activities through much of the week and plan accordingly.

Remember, if you come across a flooded roadway you should avoid driving through it. The water may be deeper than you anticipate and your vehicle may get stuck in the water.

It may not be until next weekend that folks across Texas have another day free of rain and thunderstorms.

Unfortunately, much of the rain is expected to stay east of the portions of Texas and Oklahoma experiencing drought conditions.

Some rain may still move over these areas on occasion during the week, although it will be far from enough to put an end to the drought.

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