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UK, France, Spain and Germany to Feel the Heat Early Next Week

The warmest air of the year thus far will spread over much of western Europe early next week. As high pressure builds over central Europe, a southwest flow will pull warm air from Africa northward across the Mediterranean Sea.

This warm air will spread into Spain on Sunday before advancing northeastward on Monday and Tuesday, eventually reaching Germany and Poland.

Madrid will feel the most extreme heat as temperatures rise to 32 C (90 F) or higher from Monday through Wednesday. This will be the warmest temperature in Madrid since early September.

In Paris, the warmth will arrive on Monday as temperatures soar to around 25-26 C (77-79 F). However, the heat will continue to build on Tuesday as temperatures are expected to reach 30 C (86 F).

London will escape the worst of this heat; however, temperatures will still rise well above normal on Monday and Tuesday. High temperatures will range from 22-24 C (72-76 F) both days with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and a warm breeze.

A cold front will crash through the United Kingdom and northwestern Europe Tuesday night into Wednesday ushering in a cooler and more seasonable air mass to areas such as London and Paris.

Meanwhile, farther east, the heat will build across Berlin and Warsaw from Monday into Wednesday. Temperatures will peak on Tuesday in Berlin with a high around 26 C (78 F). Warsaw will experience a similar temperature on Wednesday.

The cold front will push eastward bringing cooler air to Berlin and Warsaw on Thursday.