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Warmth to Spread Across Southern Europe

Warm and dry air from across the Sahara will spread across southern Europe through much of this week as a ridge of high pressure in the jet stream pushes east across the region.

To begin the week, warmth will be felt near the western Mediterranean from southern Spain into southern France, along with Corsica and Sardinia.

Temperatures in Madrid will climb to 26 C (79 F) on Sunday and on Monday. This is about 7 degrees C (13 degrees F) above average.

More impressive warmth will be seen near the coast from Murcia to Valencia where highs will soar into the lower 30s C (lower 90s F) on Monday and Tuesday. These temperatures will likely be the hottest conditions since September of last year.

Though periods of warmth are not uncommon in the spring across southern Spain, warmth like this is more likely in the summer rather than spring.

By Tuesday, a trough of low pressure moving into western Europe will lead to a cool-down in Spain. This trough will not only provide more seasonable conditions for Spain, but it will also push the ridge of high pressure farther to the east.

As the ridge of high pressure presses to the east across Italy and into the Balkans from Tuesday into Wednesday, the warm flow of warm Africa air will cause a significant rise in temperatures.

Rome will see temperatures rise from near the normal of 21 C (70 F) in the start of the week to a peak of 26 C (79 F) on Tuesday. Temperatures will remain warm through Thursday, but they will fall back several degrees later in the week.

The southern Balkans will also enjoy the warmth as high soar well above average from Sarajevo to Athens.

Warmth will gradually come to an end through the end of the week as this flow of warm air from northern Africa gets blocked by cooler air coming in from northern Europe. However, despite the cooler, more seasonable air, most of the Mediterranean will remain dry as most of the rainfall remains to the north.