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Early Week Warmth to Build for NYC, Boston

May is underway and the new month is set to bring warmer weather to the Northeast, giving some a taste of summer.

While this will be far from a heat wave, it will be noticeably warmer across the region throughout the weekend and into the early part of the new week.

"Kansas City has had temperature well up in the 70s for the last couple of days, and the same can be expected from Maryland and Pennsylvania into southern New England," said Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

This arrival of the warmer weather will fair well for those looking to spend time in the outdoors this weekend hiking, camping or just going out to a local park.

Temperatures are forecast to continue to rise heading into the new week, reaching their highest levels on Monday.

"Monday in the East will be warm and sunny," continued Abrams.

Some spots along the I-95 corridor and across the Ohio Valley may even climb above the 80-degree mark on Monday afternoon.

The string of warm days will prove to be a good opportunity for people to set up their summertime lawn furniture or even begin preparations for setting up their pool.

Unlike the final days of April, temperatures are forecast to rise into the 70s for cities along the coast of New England, such as Boston and Portland, Maine.

During the last two days of April, the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean had a cooling effect on the area. This kept temperatures along the New England coast in the 50s while areas farther inland reached the 60s and 70s.

The early-week warmth is not expected to last through the entire week as a cold front moves in from the Midwest.

In addition to bringing clouds, showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms, the front will deliver cooler air to much of the region for Tuesday.

New England will feel the most notable difference as temperatures could drop by 10 to 15 degrees from Monday into Tuesday.

The cold front is not expected to move through all of the Northeast on Tuesday, however, leaving the warm air to hold in areas farther south.

As a result, high temperatures may once again approach 80 F along the I-95 corridor on Tuesday afternoon.

Looking ahead to the middle of the week, this 80-degree warmth is forecast to fade in the mid-Atlantic. However, many cities across the Northeast will experience a few days in a row of temperatures near or above normal.