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Weather to Improve as Thousands Remain Homeless Following Nepal Earthquake

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck at 11:56 a.m. local time Saturday (2:11 a.m. EDT Saturday), according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The epicenter occurred 81 km (50 miles) northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal.

The USGS estimates that the final death toll could surpass 10,000 with the likelihood of $1 to $10 billion (USD) in damages.

As rescue crews continue to bring aid to the hardest hit and most remote villages of Nepal, the weather will become more settled.

Following several days of widespread rain and thunderstorms as well as high-elevation snow, which triggered additional landslides and avalanches, precipitation will become more isolated during the second half of the week.

The calmer weather will aid both rescue and recovery efforts which are likely to continue for an extended period of time due to the widespread devastation across Nepal that has already claimed more than 5,000 lives, according to the Associated Press.

While also focusing on rescuing those trapped under rubble from the earthquake, attention has turned to supplying food and other necessities to those in need. The UN World Food Program has estimated that 1.4 million people in Nepal are in need of immediate food and water supplies.

Many people have been forced to take shelter under plastic tarps that are used as makeshift tents, but some do not even have that luxury as they are now living outdoors, fully exposed to the elements.

Huge differences in temperature are experienced across the Himalayas due to the dramatic changes in elevation. The low-lying Kathmandu Valley will avoid any extreme temperatures with daily highs ranging from 24-28 C (75-82 F) and overnight lows of 11-13 C (52-56 F).

"The higher [in elevation] you go, the greater the threat for nighttime exposure," warned Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

This threat is even greater with so many people left homeless in these remote villages where 90 percent or more of the buildings have been destroyed.

Isolated showers and thunderstorms along with high-elevation snow showers will be possible daily from Thursday through the weekend; however, precipitation will generally be light and brief.