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Rain to Dampen Holiday Weekend Across United Kingdom and Ireland

A storm system arriving from the Atlantic will spoil some outdoor plans across the British Isles this holiday weekend as rain overspreads the region.

Saturday will be the best day for outdoor activities for much of Wales, England and Scotland as rainfall will not spread into these areas until late in the afternoon or at night.

Meanwhile Ireland and Northern Ireland can expect rain to arrive in the morning and become more widespread in the afternoon.

By Sunday, wet weather will encompass all of the British Isles and will result in cool and damp conditions.

Monday will show some improvement; however, showers will be possible across the entire region, even if most of the day ends up dry with limited sunshine.

For travelers hoping to escape the cool, damp weather, southern and eastern Spain will enjoy warm and dry weather from Friday through Monday. Temperatures will range from near 27 C (80 F) near the coast to 32 C (90 F) in the warmest inland locations.

While showers will occur across the southern coast of France on Friday and Saturday, drier and warmer weather will prevail on Sunday and Monday.