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Northeast to Ride Temperature Roller Coaster This Week

Temperatures will have their ups and downs across the Northeast this week, starting off on a cool note before milder air moves in for the middle of the week.

The chilly start to the week in the Northeast will be nothing new to the region following a cold weekend that even featured snow in some areas.

Monday is likely to be the coolest day across the Northeast as clouds and showers spread over the region.

Due to the pool of chilly air over the region, some of the heavier showers could produce small hail during the afternoon. Hail from these showers shouldn't be large enough to cause any damage, such as putting dents in cars.

The first temperature swing will occur on Tuesday as the cool, cloudy, lugubrious weather is replaced by warmer, sunny conditions.

"Any day that we get some sunshine it will feel a little warmer than it has been," said Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

In general, temperatures on Tuesday will run 5 to 15 degrees higher than they did on Monday.

This will be great for those who have been waiting for warmer, more settled weather to spend time in the outdoors without a coat or sweatshirt.

Another mild day can be expected for Wednesday, but clouds will begin to move in ahead of an approaching disturbance.

Umbrellas and rain boots will once again be needed in the Northeast for Thursday as showers spread across the region.

Temperatures could fall by a few degrees due to the clouds and showers, although it should still be a warmer day than Monday.

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The roller coaster ride of temperatures will continue on Friday as temperatures climb to their highest levels all week.

Highs could top around the 70-degree mark along the I-95 all the way up to New York City.

Temperatures are also forecast to climb well into the 60s across much of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.

The only fly in the ointment is a low-pressure system tracking up the East Coast.

If this low tracks closer to the coast than currently expected, it could result in more clouds, and in turn lower temperatures. It is even possible that some showers could affect areas along the coast of the Northeast on Friday depending on how close to the region the low tracks.

Temperature swings, like what is to be experienced this week, is not uncommon for the spring in the Northeast.

Spring is known as a transitional season where there can be quick changes in temperatures from day to day.

As the season progresses and summer nears, these swings in temperatures do not occur as often.

With several weeks yet to go before the arrival of the next season, it is possible that the Northeast could experience a few more weeks similar to this with a roller-coaster ride of temperatures.