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Damaging Thunderstorm to Threaten Europe Early Week

After a period of warm temperatures across central and eastern Europe to start the week, thunderstorms will threaten as cooler air moves into the region.

Damaging thunderstorms will erupt from Italy to the Baltics early this week with flooding, damaging wind and hail possible.

An area of low pressure forming across Italy will lead to the threat for flooding in northern and central parts of the country. Meanwhile further to the north, a cold front pressing east will spark thunderstorms capable of locally damaging wind and hail.

As low pressure pulls plenty of moisture to the north from the Mediterranean Sea, heavy downpours will soak areas from Milan to Rome on Monday. Meteorologist Tyler Roys states, "The greatest threat for Italy will be flash flooding in urban and low-lying areas."

Rain amounts are expected to be 25-50 mm (1-2 inches) in some areas. This rain will fall in just a short timeframe which will lead to the threat for flooding.

Roys goes on to add, "Even heavier rain in excess of 50 mm (2 inches) can fall along the southern slopes of the Alps that could trigger a few mudslides, in addition to flooding."

The threat for drenching downpours will move into the Balkans on Tuesday, but the threat for flooding will be less in these areas.

Further to the north, from southern Germany, across Poland and into the Baltics, thunderstorms will threaten bringing the risk for strong wind and hail.

On Monday, this threat will be the greatest from southeastern Germany into western Poland. It will then spread further to the east for Tuesday.

While damaging wind and hail will not be widespread, the strongest of thunderstorms could bring gusts of wind to 80-95 kph (50-60 mph). Wind this strong can cause power outages and some structural damage. These strong storms can also bring hail up to 2 cm (about an inch) in diameter.

While flooding will not be a significant threat further to the north, 25 mm (an inch) of rain within a short time can lead to ponding on roadways and difficult travel.

This storm system will move into eastern Europe on Wednesday bringing areas of rain. However, with less moisture and more stable conditions, strong thunderstorms should not be widespread.