PHOTOS: Massive Hailstorm Buries Sydney, Australia

A strong thunderstorm crossed Sydney, Australia, on Saturday, covering the ground with hail.

The thunderstorm crossed the city during the late-afternoon hours on Saturday. In excess of 50 mm (2 inches) of rain and hail flooded roadways and covered yards. While individual hailstones were not large in size, the amount of hail was enough to bring significant problems meteorologists say that a pocket of cold air aloft triggered and supported the development of hail.

This storm comes less than a week after an intense area of low pressure brought flooding and damaging windto eastern New South Wales, including Sydney.

The center of the storm and heaviest rainfall tracked just to the west and south of Sydney Harbor, sparing the city-center from the worst of the conditions. However, highly populated suburbs were hit hard with flooding and damaging hail.

ABC News reports that the hail has caused five warehouses to collapse from the weight of the hail. Reports from Fire and Rescue New South Wales said that buildings in Huntingwood had half-a-meter (about 20 inches) of hail on their roofs which caused the collapses.

Hail is not uncommon in Sydney, but the amount of hail that fell is rare.

Although a few showers will remain around Sydney on Sunday, a repeat of Saturday's hailstorm is not expected.