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Rain, Wind, Waves Batter Eastern Australia

Low pressure developing in the Tasman Sea early this week will lead to strong wind, rain and pounding surf along the New South Wales coast.

Locations from Canberra to Sydney and north to Brisbane will all be at risk for rainfall through Tuesday. Sydney will be at the greatest risk for heavy rain and strong winds.

Low pressure will develop early this week along the coast of New South Wales. Due to the slow movement of the low, rain will persist for several days in eastern parts of the state. Rain could be heavy at times from Sydney north towards Port Macquarie.

Rainfall of 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) will be widespread across this area with some places seeing as much as 150 mm (6 inches) during the several-day timeframe. Such rain can lead to flooding in low-lying areas along streams and smaller rivers.

The development of this low, along with an unusually strong area of high pressure passing across the Great Australian Bight, will lead to windy conditions along the New South Wales coast. A south to southeasterly wind will gust over 80 kph (50 mph) in coastal areas, including in Sydney. Monday and Tuesday appear to be the windiest days.

Wind of this magnitude will be capable of downing tree limbs, causing sporadic power outages. The heavy rain could also loosen soil making it easier for the wind to uproot larger trees.

Not only will the wind have consequences inland, it will also provide for dangerous boating conditions in the eastern Tasman Sea. Gale-force wind along the New South Wales coast will lead to swells in excess of 5 meters (16 feet). The worst sea conditions will be offshore of Sydney on Monday and Tuesday.

Anyone with boating interest should use caution or reschedule activities. Beachgoers will also have to contend with high surf and rip currents. This could possibly close some beaches during the beginning of the week.

Rain, wind and waves will lessen through the middle of the week.