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Strong Storms to Ignite From San Antonio to Wichita, Kansas, Saturday

Thunderstorms will bring the risk of damaging winds, hail, isolated tornadoes and torrential downpours to the southern Plains to begin the weekend.

An upper-level low will slowly move eastward across the Plains to begin the weekend. A swath of dry air will progress eastward into a zone of increasing moisture and lead to the development of thunderstorms.

According to meteorologist Evan Duffey, "An incredible amount of moisture will be pulled northward out of the Gulf of Mexico and into the Plains on Saturday."

This upper-level low was responsible for the heavy snow across the Colorado Rockies as well the severe weather threat from central Texas into southern Kansas on Friday.

Travel could become dangerous at times along the Interstate 35 corridor from the U.S./Mexico border to Wichita, Kansas; this is nearly a 800-mile stretch.

Anyone with outdoor activities in San Antonio, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas, and places in between should keep an eye to the sky and be able to seek shelter when a thunderstorm approaches the area.

"Combined with some stronger winds aloft, the threat for some stronger storms will certainly be possible," Duffey added.

Many locations across the southern Plains have already received a large amount of rainfall this week. Any storms that impact these areas again could lead to flash flooding.

Despite the potential for strong storms, any rain on Saturday will help the extreme drought across areas of northern Texas.

The southern Plains will not be the only areas to see thunderstorms on Saturday. Rain and a rumble of thunder will also fall from Iowa to the Gulf Coast states. Any additional rainfall, especially along the Gulf Coast, can lead to flooding as locations along the Gulf Coast have received several inches of rain already this week.

Rain will even spread across the Dakotas on Saturday.

"Evan some locations farther north that don't see any thunder at all will still have heavy, steady rain to contend with," Duffey said.

Dry conditions will build across the southern Plains on Sunday as the storm system moves eastward into the Missouri Valley. This will lead to a severe weather threat for portions of Missouri and Arkansas on Sunday.

Stay tuned to for further updates about the severe weather and flooding.