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New Delhi, Mumbai Heat up Ahead of India Monsoon Season

Following a period of clouds and rain moving through parts of northern India, a drier pattern will move in for the week or so.

For the first half of April, places like New Delhi have received way more than their usual amount of rain. With 31 mm so far (1.23 inches), there has already been more than 470% of their average April rainfall which is normally known as a relatively dry month.

Up until the monsoon season, which usually ignites rain and thunderstorms in early May, a drier and more typical pattern will settle into India and Pakistan with temperatures on the rise.

On Friday, the city of New Delhi once again reached the hottest temperature so far this year, 36 C (97 F), which was also reached once earlier in April.

Even warmer air is on the way for the start of the new week. Temperatures will soar 2-5 C (4-8 F) above normal across New Delhi bringing high temperatures closer to 39 C (102 F). Even the cities of Mumbai and Indore in central India will be recording temperatures around 40 C (104 F).

Sweltering heat will be centralized farther west, expanding into Pakistan. The cites of Hyderabad, Pakistan and Ahmedabad, India, could have temperatures swelling up to 8 C (12 F) above normal. Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller said, "Temperatures of this magnitude are not usual of this time of year." Normal highs in New Delhi for mid-April are near 35.5 C (96 F).

"These highs as much 8 C (12 F) above normal are more typical of late May or early June, right as the monsoon is getting into full swing," Miller said.

Those spending time outside during the middle of the day should plan accordingly; dress in light and breathable clothing and be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.