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Severe Storms to Fire Across Texas, Louisiana on Friday

Another round of thunderstorms, some locally severe, will erupt from western and central Kansas to central Texas on Friday. The worst of the storms may focus farther south.

People from the central Plains to the Gulf Coast should anticipate disruptions to travel and outdoor activities. In some communities, dangerous conditions can develop as people finish their weekday routines and begin their weekend ventures.

A storm responsible for heavy snow over the Colorado Rockies will linger west of the Plains states on Friday. The storm will push a swath of dry air eastward into a zone of increasing moisture.

Near the boundary between the dry and moist air, locally severe storms will erupt over parts of the central and southern Plains to central Texas. The greatest risk for storms in this swath will be for isolated strong wind gusts and flash flooding.

Throughout the area from western Kansas to the Texas and Louisiana coasts, a couple of tornadoes could be spawned by the strongest storms.

Storms are likely to be most concentrated from South Texas to Louisiana. Storms in this area can be more robust as well with greater potential for flash flooding and wind gusts in the strongest storms reaching 65 mph.

Some of the storms will pass over areas that were hit with heavy rain earlier in the week. In these locations, only a moderate amount of rainfall could lead to flooding. The flat terrain over much of Texas and Louisiana tends to favor flash flooding.

According to Meteorologist Steve Travis, "There is a threat of flooding downpours and damaging winds, along with the chance of a brief tornado in the San Antonio and Austin metro areas on Friday."

The storms could organize into a large complex of flooding rain and severe weather.

"Storms will sweep eastward reaching Houston in the evening, then continue into Louisiana later Friday night," Travis said.

The threat of severe weather and flooding will not end on Friday night.

Yet another round of drenching and locally severe storms will erupt from the central Plains to the Gulf coast on Saturday. The severe weather and flooding potential will pivot farther to the northeast as the weekend progresses. The threat could include tornadoes centered over the middle Mississippi Valley states on Sunday.

AccuWeather will continue to provide updates on the flooding and severe weather through the weekend.