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Minneapolis: Dry Skies to Hold Through Weekend

Mild temperatures and dry skies will stretch into the weekend for the Minneapolis area.

In what has been a warm month so far with multiple days hitting into the 70s and 80s F, continued mild conditions will make for an ideal setting for any outdoor plans.

Temperatures into Thursday will hover in the mid-60s with more clouds developing late in the week.

"A dry front will move into the region on Thursday night," Meteorologist Maggie Samuhel said.

Skies will be dominated by clouds into Friday as temperatures pull slightly higher into the upper 60s.

This will keep temperatures well above the normal average of 57 F for this time of year.

Clouds will recede by the weekend making for ideal outdoor conditions. Temperatures will remain above average in the mid-60s.

Fans looking to catch a Twins game at Target Field will see calm, dry skies as the series against the Royals wraps up on Thursday. For the weekend series against the Indians, abundant sunshine will return.