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Extended Dry Spell to Follow Warmth Over UK and Northern Europe

The warmest days of the year thus far are expected during the middle of the week in parts of northern and central Europe, including cities such as London, Paris and Berlin.

A ridge of high pressure centered over the region will keep this warmth in place through Wednesday from London to Berlin with warmth lingering into Thursday in Paris.

This ridge of high pressure will cause storm systems to pass from the northern Atlantic into Scandinavia, leaving warm and dry conditions to the south. Showers will occur into Wednesday across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

A cold front will then pass through the region lowering temperatures back closer to normal levels on Thursday and Friday.

London is expected to feel temperatures rise to around 23 C (74 F) on Wednesday. This magnitude of warmth has not been felt on consecutive days since last October.

Warmth will spread east on Wednesday, reaching Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary with high temperatures in the low to mid-20s C (low to mid-70s F). The warmth will also reach Romania, Bulgaria and other parts of the Balkan Peninsula.

One caveat to the warm temperatures in western Europe will be found in Portugal and Spain. Low pressure now located across the Atlantic will drift to the east, eventually reaching Spain by Wednesday.

While the start of the week was warm across the country with dry conditions, Wednesday will turn cooler as clouds, showers and thunderstorms develop across most of the Iberian Peninsula.

In Madrid, high temperatures reached 23-24 C (73-75 F) on Monday and Tuesday. This will change with the return of rain on Wednesday and Thursday as highs will reach only 18 C (64 F). While this is significantly cooler than early week, it is close to normal for the middle of April.

An extended period of dry weather is expected across parts of northern Europe beginning this weekend and continuing into next weekend.

High pressure will remain centered just north and east of the United Kingdom keeping the region free from any storm systems.

Days will feature sunshine and some clouds with temperatures near to slightly above normal across northern France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the British Isles. Farther south, daily showers and thunderstorms will occur from northern Spain and southern France into northern Italy and Alps.