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Western and Central Europe: Warmth to Start New Week

After a brief turn to cooler conditions over the weekend, warmth will return to western and central Europe during the first half of the week.

On Friday, temperatures highs reached to near 21 C (70 F) in London and Paris. A brief shot of cooler, more seasonably air moved in for the weekend. However, as a ridge in the jet stream builds through the middle of the week, warm temperatures will return.

This ridge of high pressure will cause storm systems to pass from the northern Atlantic into Scandinavia, leaving warm and dry conditions to the south.

Across southern Britain, the warm up will be delayed slightly as some clouds will keep temperatures close to normal. However, as these clouds clear for Tuesday and Wednesday, high temperatures will rise well above average into the middle of the week.

London is expected to see highs in the lower to middle 20s C (lower 70s F) Tuesday and Wednesday. This would be the first time since October of last year when highs have been this warm for consecutive days.

The warm-up will not be delayed further to the south across mainland Europe as the week will begin warm from northern Spain into France. Warmth will spread further to the east through the middle of the week, reaching Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary by Wednesday with high temperatures in the low to mid-20s C (low-to-mid 70s F).

Not all areas, however, will see a warming trend through the middle of the week.

One caveat to the warm temperatures in western Europe will be found in Spain. Low pressure now located across the Atlantic will drift to the east, eventually reaching Spain by Wednesday. While the start of the week will be warm across the country with dry conditions, Wednesday will turn cooler as clouds, showers and thunderstorms develop across the western Iberian Peninsula.

In Madrid, high temperatures Monday and Tuesday are expected to as much as 7 degrees C (12 degrees F) above average. This will change with the return of rain on Wednesday as highs will only reach 17 C (63 F). While this is significantly cooler than early week, it is close to normal.