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Boston, NYC, DC: Mild Weather to Rule This Week

Just like last week, this week is starting off mild across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic but a repeat of the chill and dreary weather that ended last week will not unfold.

Residents of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will have plenty of opportunities to take a walk or jog this week, as well as enjoy a meal outside or participate in any other outdoor activity.

Aside from a cold front and its showers passing through in a west-to-east fashion late Monday through Tuesday, dry and mild weather will dominate through Thursday. Most showers will clear the I-95 corridor by Tuesday afternoon.

Another exception will be a stray shower dotting West Virginia and the eastern Great Lakes on Thursday.

The majority, if not all, baseball games scheduled through Thursday will escape a rain delay, while those who have yet to finalize their taxes may regret not doing so when it was cloudy and damp last week.

There will be at least some sunshine each day and the use of jackets will be kept to a minimum, especially in the afternoons.

The mild end to this weekend will be topped by an even warmer Monday. Nearly every location in the mid-Atlantic and western New York will record a high in the 70s on Monday. This includes Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

New York City and Boston will see temperatures rise well into the 60s on Monday as many communities across the rest of upstate New York and into central New England flirt with or crack the 70-degree mark. Wind flowing in off the cold ocean will keep south-facing coastal points in the Northeast cooler.

The passage of the cold front later Monday into Tuesday will not open the door for a bitter cold blast. While temperatures will fall short of Monday's highs, the air will still be mild and comfortable for mid-April on Tuesday.

Unlike last week, cool air and rain will remain on hold through Wednesday and Thursday. Residents may once again find it difficult to resist the temptation to get outdoors.

Northern New England will be the one place where brisk winds will usher chilly air in on Wednesday. Temperatures will be held to the 40s in northern Maine this day with widespread subfreezing temperatures across northern New England to follow at night.

The domination of mild air this week does not mean an end to other cool air intrusions.

After rain returns for a part of the time from Friday into next weekend, Meteorologist Mark Paquette states that "signs point to a slow-moving storm stalling somewhere near the Northeast and causing another extended period of damp, cloudy and cool weather next week."

During that period, the air will be cool but not be quite as chilly as last week's dreary spell.

"We will not be dealing with a Canadian air mass," Paquette continued. "The storm will instead be manufacturing its own cool air with clouds limiting the warmer April sun."

Paquette also cautions those who are thinking of getting an early jump on planting their flower beds or vegetable gardens this week.

"Even though we will not be dealing with as cold as an air mass as last week across the Northeast, with next week's chilly weather, any clear night after the wet period departs could lead to frosts and/or freezes," he added.