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Mild Spell to Shift From Northern Europe to Balkans This Weekend

While the mild air building across northern Europe into Friday will get cut short this weekend, temperatures will be on the rebound in the Balkan Peninsula and southeastern Europe.

Most of northern Europe only has one or two more days left of the current mild spell before temperatures take a tumble.

Friday is shaping up to be a great day for residents of the British Isles and mainland northwestern Europe to take a walk or hike or enjoy other outdoor events. Temperatures are set to approach or crack the 20-degree C mark (upper 60s) in London and Paris.

Other than a breeze, the weather will be perfect for the Grand National festivities at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England.

Mild air will also grace Germany, Poland and the Baltic states on Friday, but further warming is in store to start the weekend. Temperatures on Saturday will rise into the lower 20s C (near 70 F) in Berlin and Warsaw underneath a partly to mostly sunny sky.

A cold front, accompanied by a 15-minute shower or thunderstorm in most locations, will prevent the mild spell from lasting any longer.

The cold front will first open the door for cooler air to pour across the British Isles and northwestern Europe on Saturday, then Germany, Poland and the Baltics on Sunday.

Brutal cold is not following the front, but several degrees will get shaved off highs from the mild spell and temperatures will be brought back closer to normal.

For Paris and Luxembourg City, the cooldown on Saturday will quickly be followed by a rebound in temperatures as a storm system with steadier rain tracks into the British Isles.

The mild air leaving these two cities on Saturday will spread to the Balkan Peninsula and southeastern Europe as the weekend progresses. Aside from an afternoon thunderstorm developing over the Dinaric Alps Sunday afternoon, largely dry weather and sunshine will complement the mild surge.

Temperatures will return to the upper 10s and lower 20s C (60s and lower 70s F) across these regions, including in Sarajevo, Bucharest, Kyiv and Volgograd.

Even Athens will welcome a rebound in temperatures this weekend after strong and chilly winds, associated with the storm impacting the Middle East, howl into Friday.

As will be the case farther north, a cold front looks to erase the mild air surging across the Balkans and southeastern Europe early next week.