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Warmth Builds From London to Paris and Berlin This Week

High pressure will dominate from the British Isles eastward through northern and central Europe this week resulting in a prolonged period of warm and dry weather.

Cities that will experience several days of pleasant weather include London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

In London, there will be at least partial sunshine each day through Saturday with high temperatures ranging from 15-18 C (59-65 F). The normal high in London this time of the year is 12-13 C (54-55 F).

The warm weather will be even more pronounced in Paris and Berlin where temperatures will soar to near 21 C (70 F) on the warmest day of the week. The warmest weather is expected on Friday in Paris and Saturday in Berlin with a good deal of sunshine for both cities.

The normal high in Paris is 14.4 C (58 F), while Berlin typically experiences a high temperature of 11.7 C (53 F).

While much of northern and central Europe experiences a stretch of beautiful weather, a slow-moving storm will cause scattered showers and thunderstorms each day across Portugal and western Spain. While widespread flooding rainfall is not expected, any thunderstorm can produce downpours which could lead to localized flash flooding.

The weather will turn cooler across the British Isles this weekend as a weak storm system leads to more clouds and a couple of showers.

This cooler air will arrive in Paris on Saturday and Berlin by Sunday, knocking temperatures down to more seasonable levels. Largely dry weather will continue with nothing more than a 15-minute shower over the weekend.