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Rain, Wind and Mountain Snow to Impact Eastern Europe

While high pressure brings tranquil weather to much of western Europe, a large low pressure system will bring rain, wind and mountain snow to eastern Europe early this week.

The Balkans will be at greatest risk for significant impacts from this storm system as it moves across Greece and the Black Sea on Monday and on Tuesday. Widespread rain will fall from the Adriatic Coast to southern Ukraine. Snow will fall in the mountainous areas such as the Dinaric Alps and the Carpathian Mountains.

To accompany the rain and snow, a gusty wind is expected in parts of the region. The strongest wind gusts are expected to occur in southern Italy along with across the Greece Isles and north into southern Ukraine. Wind gusts of 65-80 kph (40-50 mph) are expected to occur in parts of these areas, leading to the risk for downed tree branches and isolated power outages.

Snowfall in the mountainous terrain will be heavy at times leading to difficult travel across passes. Snow accumulations of over 30 cm (12 inches) are expected at some locations with elevations over 1200 meters (4,000 feet). Snow will even fall in some valley cities, but accumulations will be lower.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be one such lower elevation city to see snow accumulate an additional 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) on Monday and Tuesday. Some rain could mix during the day.

Unstable air to the north of this low will lead to showery conditions from Poland into Germany and south to Hungary. Chilly temperatures and cold air aloft may allow for snow pellets to mix with the heavier showers, though there should be no accumulation in most areas. However, snow in the eastern Alps can accumulate up to 15 cm (6 inches).

After rain, and even thunderstorms, across Italy over the holiday weekend, the new week will begin unsettled as showers move across the country. The west coast from Ravenna to Bari will be at the greatest risk for several soaking showers while the west coast will see lighter and move isolated showers.