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Heavy Rains Strike Kashmir, Evacuations Ordered

Heavy rains have forced evacuations in part of Indian-controlled Kashmir after the Jhelum River reached dangerous levels.

Hundreds of people were evacuated, The Associated Press reported. Water rescues were underway after two houses sank in the flood waters.

Schools in the Kashmir valley have been closed through Tuesday as a result of the flooding, The Times of India reported on its website.

Rainfall has been excessive across the region since late February, Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said.

"Srinagar has received 250 percent of normal rain in February and nearly 300 percent of normal thus far in March," Nicholls said. "Srinagar had 311 mm (12.25 inches) of rain in March. Normal rainfall is 105 mm (4.12 inches)."

Heavy rains will continue to be a problem, Nicholls said.

"More heavy rain is likely this week. The models look wet over the next couple of weeks," he said.

Advisories were given to residents in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir when the Neelum River started to rise under the influence of the heavy rains.

About 600 people died after flooding in September in India and Pakistan.