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Australia Not Through Dealing With Nathan

Heavy rain will fall across Western Australia early this week, with Tropical Rainstorm Nathan partially to blame.

Nathan first developed into a tropical cyclone nearly three weeks ago along the northeastern Queensland coast. Since then, the storm has made three landfalls across northern Australia, bringing over 500 mm (20 inches) of rain to parts of the Cape York Peninsula.

Now a tropical rainstorm, the remains of Nathan will be pulled to the south across Western Australia as the circulation combines with a trough of low pressure from the west.

The heaviest rain, along with the greatest risk for flooding, will occur along the stretch of Western Australia coastline from Exmouth to Port Hedland. Rainfall in these areas are expected to total 50-100 mm (2-4 inches) which could cause flooding in the typical dry terrain. Washes and dry river beds could rapidly fill with rushing water.

While there will be some rain in Perth Monday night into Tuesday, the heaviest of the rain will fall to the east of the city.

As the moisture moves to the south it will bring mostly beneficial rain to the croplands of southwestern Australia. Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls states that "This rainfall will help to increase soil moisture for the start of the planting season that is coming within a couple of weeks".

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology shows that the region has been drier than normal over the past three months.

Widespread rain will exit the region by Wednesday, though isolated showers will remain across southern Western Australia.