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Cold Shot to Chill Southeast This Weekend

A cold front sweeping through the Southeast late in the week could bring a freeze to the region Friday night and again Saturday night.

People who have already begun to plant should take the proper precautions to keep their plants protected from the freezing cold.

Fortunately, temperatures are not forecast to dip down to the freezing mark across the entire region, which is good news for planters in Florida or along the Gulf coast.

The worst of the cold is forecast to focus on the Tennessee Valley Friday night with temperatures dropping down into the 20s in cities such as Paducah, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Subfreezing cold will expand eastward for Saturday night, reaching into the Carolinas.

Anyone with potted plants in the outdoors should consider bringing them indoors at night to protect them from the subfreezing conditions.

If you have plants in the ground rather than in pots, you should consider covering them to prevent frost from forming on them.

These chilly nights will be followed up by cool days with highs on Saturday and Sunday running 10 to 15 degrees below normal.

People heading out over the weekend may want to take a coat or sweatshirt with them as it will be noticeably cooler than the warmth that was felt around the middle of the week.

This chilly air is not expected to be a prolonged cold spell as temperatures moderate heading into next week.

This will lead to more seasonable weather by Monday with widespread highs in the 60s and 70s.