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BREAKING: Flames and Smoke Billow From Five-Story Structure in Lower Manhattan

New York City firefighters responded to a large blaze that ignited at a building in lower Manhattan Thursday afternoon.

"Orange flames and black smoke are billowing from the facade and roof of the five-story building near Second Avenue and Seventh Street," the Associated Press reported.

"There were some reports of an explosion before the fire," the Associated Press reported, stating that the area is being evacuated.

The structure is reported to have partially collapsed.

"As of 3:27 p.m. central park is reporting 53 degrees with calm winds and light rain," Meteorologist Danielle Knittle said.

Winds will pick up some later in the evening, she added. No injuries have been reported at this time.

"Winds are forecast to go from light and variable this afternoon," she said, adding that northwest winds tonight will be at 8-16 mph. "We could see a quick gust of wind with the cold frontal passages this evening, probably around 9 p.m."