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Storm to Disrupt Travel From Italy to Turkey and Middle East

A storm will track from the central Mediterranean Sea eastward into parts of the Middle East later this week into early next week.

The storm will emerge from northern Africa into the central Mediterranean Sea on Thursday and track eastward, reaching Turkey on Saturday and approaching the Caspian Sea by early next week.

Rainfall with locally heavy downpours will occur across southern Italy and the southern Balkans on Thursday before spreading northward across the Balkan Peninsula and into western Turkey on Friday.

As the center of the storm tracks into western Turkey on Saturday, moisture from the Mediterranean Sea will fuel heavy rainfall across western and central parts of the nation while a soaking rain continues across much of the Balkan Peninsula.

The heavy rainfall in Turkey can lead to flooding which may impact cities such as Antalya, Mersin and Adana over the weekend.

Aside from flooding, the rain and thunderstorms can lead to travel delays by ground and air across the entire region, so anyone traveling across this part of the world should be aware of possible delays.

South of the storm track, rain will not be an issue; however, strong winds will result in blowing dust and low visibilities from Libya and Egypt into Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The dust will be most prevalent across Libya and Egypt through Thursday before spreading eastward into the Arabian Peninsula.

Blowing dust can quickly lower visibility resulting in dangerous driving conditions.

By Sunday and Monday, the worst of the storm will be over eastern Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran where a steady rain with some downpours is expected.

While flooding will not be a widespread problem, areas of flash flooding can quickly create life-threatening conditions.