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BREAKING: Germanwings Airbus Crashes in Southern France

An Airbus A320 carrying 150 people en route to Dusseldorf, Germany, from Barcelona, Spain, crashed in southern France Tuesday morning. It was not immediately known what caused the incident.

The aircraft, flown by Lufthansa's low-cost carrier Germanwings, went down near the town of Barcelonnette about 100 km (65 miles) north of Nice, according to Reuters.

"Near the crash site, conditions were partly sunny with generally light winds at the time contact was lost with the plane," according to Meteorologist Eric Leister.

All onboard are believed to have been killed, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in a statement.

Over the next 12 hours, weather will not be favorable for cleanup and rescue efforts.

"The weather is going to be deteriorating near the crash site over the next 12 hours as a storm system moves into the region, producing rain and high-elevation snow," Leister said. "The site may be difficult to access as it is a remote area with limited roadways."