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Midweek Warmth to Surge into Northeast

The current weather pattern has many people in the East wondering when a prolonged warmth will be experienced across the region.

While this week will not mark the beginning of a new, warmer weather pattern in the East, it will bring a few days of above-normal temperatures.

After starting off the week with sunshine and a winterlike chill, a pair of low pressure systems will track across the Great Lakes lifting warmer air into the Northeast.

This will allow temperatures to rise to more seasonable levels on Wednesday followed by an even warmer day on Thursday.

Thursday could bring the highest temperatures so far this year along the I-95 corridor, including in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Highs will fall well short of record levels, but it will feel more like spring across the Northeast following the unrelenting cold that has gripped the region for a majority of 2015.

Those looking to enjoy the warmer weather in the outdoors may run into some problems though.

"The abundant sunshine from earlier in the week will not hang on through Wednesday and Thursday to compliment the milder air," said Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski.

Instead of sunshine, clouds and rain will move in for both Wednesday and Thursday.

The steadiest rain is expected to move through the region late on Thursday and through Thursday night along a cold front tracking eastward across the region.

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Some areas east of the Appalachian Mountains could hear a few rumbles of thunder ahead of the front, although no severe weather is expected to develop.

The passage of this cold front will signal the end of the brief warmup in the East as chilly air drops back down across the region.

"Behind this front, some much colder air will be shooting southward," said Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait.

Drier conditions are also expected to move in for Friday with the exception of some snow showers over northern New England and western portions of New York and Pennsylvania.

This chilly weather will continue into the weekend with below-normal temperatures extending all the way down to the Gulf Coast.