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Quick-Hitting Spring Snow Targets Minneapolis, Chicago

The official start to spring has not ended the opportunity for snow to whiten the Midwest, which will be evident as this weekend comes to a close.

Snow starting the weekend clipping northern North Dakota will expand southeastward through the Midwest Sunday into Sunday night.

The snow, initially mixing with rain in some communities, will reach Fargo, North Dakota, as well as Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Sunday before spreading to Eau Claire and Madison, Wisconsin; Chicago; and South Bend, Indiana, at night.

According to Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller, the majority of the snow around Minneapolis will fall "mainly late Sunday and Sunday night."

A general 1 to 3 inches will accumulate along the snow's path from North Dakota to northern Illinois.

Amounts could be locally up to 6 inches from central Minnesota to southwestern Wisconsin, including in Minneapolis, but will be held to an inch or less in Chicago and South Bend.

Due to the recent mild temperatures and the stronger March sun, the heaviest accumulations will be measured on grassy and elevated surfaces.

That does not mean that motorists, including those planning to travel on stretches of interstates 35, 43, 90 and 94, should let their guard down.

"Snow can have a hard time accumulating on the roads this time of year because the sun angle is getting higher and higher," stated Meteorologist Brian Thompson.

"However, with the snow falling at night [in Chicago] this time around, roads and sidewalks will likely become slippery into the Monday morning commute."

The same can be said in other communities where snow is expected at night and in the early morning hours. Snow that comes down heavily during the day can also overcome the effect of the March sun and create hazardous travel.

An end to travel troubles from this snow event will come Monday morning as the snow quickly fizzles instead of continuing its journey to the Ohio Valley or Northeast.

The snow that falls Sunday through Sunday night will also quickly melt later Monday as temperatures approach or pass the 40-degree mark. Any lingering standing water or wet spots from the melting snow could turn icy Monday night as temperatures then dip back below freezing.

Further warming will occur on Tuesday ahead of the next storm set to be a rain event for most areas ending this weekend with snow. The main exception will be across North Dakota.