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Freeze, Thaw in Northeast to Follow Early Spring Snowstorm

Motorists and pedestrians in the Northeast should be on the lookout for areas of black ice this weekend.

Temperatures will dip to near or below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) late Friday night into Saturday morning.

Untreated areas made wet and slushy by Friday's storm with rain and wet snow will freeze. In some cases, the icy areas may appear wet due to the layer of ice being very thin and clear.

Areas that do not receive direct sunlight during the day, elevated surfaces and underpasses will be most prone to the black ice into Saturday morning.

The ice can form even if air temperatures are above freezing. In this case, the ground cools at a faster rate than the air.

While a new push of cold air will follow later this weekend, temperatures will rebound into the 40s, 50s and even near 60 on Saturday in some locations that received the late-week snow.

Much of the snow that fell on Friday will melt on Saturday midday, afternoon and evening.

In parts of the mid-Atlantic, a brief shower can occur late Saturday into Saturday evening.

However, from northern upstate New York to northern New England, snow or snow showers will bring an accumulation to some areas that were missed by the Friday storm.

The new cold push will again send temperatures to near or below freezing in the Northeast Saturday night.

As people head out on Sunday morning, patches of ice are possible as runoff from Saturday's melting snow freezes up.