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Ten Viral Videos of Winter 2014-15: Incredible Weather Moments Caught on Camera

While winter of 2014-2015 was punctuated by record-breaking storms across the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest, snowy conditions offered a perfect setting for some of the top videos from the season.

Frigid temperatures and snow from around the world also gave way to some perfectly timed moments all captured on videos that circulated the globe this winter.

From animal hilarity captured in the snow to one Boston resident's mighty fall while shoveling, here are 10 videos that garnered massive attention this winter.

1. Yellowstone Buffalo Rams Car Head-On

For some unlucky visitors, they happened upon a crowd of buffalo while driving through Yellowstone National Park. While they thought the massive animals will peacefully move across the road, one buffalo felt the need to welcome the car into their territory.

2. Drunk Squirrel Staggers Around in the Snow

After consuming a few too many fermented crabapples, this squirrel was a little off his balance while trying to play around in the snow.

3. Massive Snow Slides Off Building, Buries Man

In Russia, one unsuspecting man was ambushed by a crashing pile of snow that slid off a building and hit him head-on.

4. Escaped Pig Strolls in Snow, Stops Traffic

While wandering down a busy road, a pig walking along in the snow caught the sight of a nearby driver who had a little food to hand out.

5. Snow Shoveler Suffers Monumental Fall

It's no surprise that one Boston man would have some difficulty shoveling massive piles of snow left from the barrage of winter storms that pummeled the city. Just this week, Boston broke the record for the city's snowiest winter of all time after hitting 108.6 inches of snow.

6. Ice Descends From New York City Skyscrapers

On Feb. 3, pedestrians walking near 4 World Trade Center in New York City found themselves dodging chunks of ice that fell from the towering building. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

7. Playful Cat Battles 4-Foot Snow Drift

After a snowstorm left a huge snow drift that blocked the front door, Rudiger, a cat from Canada, was desperate to knock the snow down in order to play outside.

8. Ice Skating Above Swimming Fish on a Crystal Clear Lake

In Sweden, one man and his dog took advantage of a completely clear frozen lake that still had fish swimming below the surface. Donning ice skates, the man glided over Lake Blanktjärn where the 10 cm thick ice is clear enough to see the down to the very bottom of the lake.

9. Cleveland Driver Thrown From Car on Icy I-90, Walks Away

As snow coated I-90 in Cleveland, one man survived after being hurled out of his car on the busy highway. In the footage captured by a Ohio State Police car dash cam, the man can be seen spinning on the icy road while traffic roars past. Fortunately, he walked away with only minor injuries.

10. News Crew Nearly Hit by Sliding SUV

While on the scene covering storm impacts in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the WAVY News 10 Crew was nearly hit by a car that came barreling off an icy road.