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Blazing Heat Grips India; No Immediate Signs of Relief

After storms brought rain unusually far south, blazing heat is now gripping India with no relief in the immediate future.

Temperatures will rise into the middle and upper 30s C (upper 90s and lower 100s F) throughout most of central and southern India daily through at least this weekend.

This includes temperatures in Mumbai, Nagpur and Hyderabad, as well as in Karachi in neighboring Pakistan.

New Delhi will escape the worst of the heat through this weekend, but temperatures will reach 34 C (94 F) for the first time since early December next week.

Residents are urged to take the necessary precautions to avoid suffering from a heat-related illness. Care should also be taken to ensure the elderly, children and animals are also keeping cool.

Energy demands will rise amid the heat as fans and air conditioners are put into high gear.

Such heat is not uncommon this time of year ahead of the summer monsoon, but the main story recently has been the rain and thunderstorms that have come unusually far south.

Rainfall is virtually unheard of in late February and March in Mumbai, but 14 mm (0.56 of an inch) fell this year.

Following the recent wet spell, Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said that the heat will actually prove to be beneficial where the winter wheat crop received too much rain in northwestern India.

"The heat will help with allowing those crops to dry out."

Nicholls, however, has bad news for residents hoping for a break from the blazing heat.

"Typically through April, there will be storm systems that do not result in much rainfall but will trim the heat," stated Nicholls. "But, there will be nothing like that in the near term."

"Beyond next week, there looks like there could be a [dip in the jet stream] around the end of March that could ease the heat back to near normal."